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Gorgeous scarlet and golden corset for BJD/SD16/Iplehouse EID dolls

Fits Iplehouse EID women. Perfect for large breast, but fit medium breast too. Shown by Iplehouse EID Aaliyah, large breast.

Corset made of high-quality single-colored cotton of scarlet color. Underwired. Decorated by golden ring plates, golden metal accessories, golden metallised TOHO beads and golden chain. Two lacings – real in the back and decoratory in the front. Laced by scarlet silk ribbon.

For sell at www.etsy.com/ru/shop/AtelierFantasyland :)


Blue denim embroidered casual sweet corset for BJD/SD13/Iplehouse YID dolls

Fits Iplehouse nYID girls. Breast size doesn’t matter. Shown by Iplehouse nYID Bianca, medium breast.

This model has been already loved by a lot of people. In front bottom line of the corset is on waist level, in back it is much lower to emphasise beautiful shape of nYID hips. Made of denim blue fabric, underwired. Double lacing in sides of silk ribbon, lacing in the back is decoratory only. Decorated by embroidery, Japan beads and pearl beads, silk ribbon.

For sell at www.etsy.com/ru/shop/AtelierFantasyland :)