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Pink corset and Empire gown set

Fits Iplehouse SID Woman with any breast size. In case of small breast it would be a bit free, in case of glamour breast it could be a bit tight. Shown by Iplehouse SID Harace, normal skintone, large breast.

Includes flow gown with tiny train and corset. Dress made of acetate silk. There are shirrs at the top and under breast, so there is no closing. Corset made of high-quality cotton of tender pink color. Its shape is out of ordinary, because it is short in front and some longer at the back. Underwired. Decorated by TOHO beads and pearl beads, metal accessories of silver color two kinds of chains. Scarf is not included, it was used in photoset only.


Silver grey corset

Fits Iplehouse nYID girl with any breast size. Shown by Iplehouse nYID Bianca, grey skin, medium breast.

Autumn is here, but I think about winter and its silver. Contrast between bright colors of autumn leaves and gray fabric was my inspiration to create this corset. It is made of light gray cotton with silver pattern. Decorated by silver thread and silver metal accessories. It looks like it came from fairytale. Fully underwired.


Violet corset with bustle

it could happen if try to combine modern fashion and Victorian style ^^ I’m pleased by result, because it is bright and lifelike :)

Fits Iplehouse nYID girls with any breast size. Shown by Iplehouse nYID Bianca, peach gold skin, medium breast.

* tube top with tucks at the top, bottom and sleeves. Made of synthetic silk.
* Skirt with yoke and wide tuck at the botton which forms bustle. Made of synthetic silk.
* Corset which is short at the front and long at the back. The model is known for a great many of people, but back part is a bit shorter now. Made of cotton, two lacings in the front, laced by silk ribbon. Decorated by chain of silver color and metal accessories.


Indian style corset

I desired to try indian theme and I found approproate accessories. The result you could see :)

Fits Iplehouse SID woman with large breast, but it could fit small (a bit free) and glamour (a bit tight) ladies too. Shown by Iplehouse SID Harace, normal skin, large breast.

Corset is made of high quality cotton of two colors: chocolate brown and light coffee. Underwired. Decorated by metal accessories of bronze color and brown and white large beads. Lacing in the back, laced by ribbon of light coffee color. Head accessory is included. It is made of cotton threads of two colors and decorated metal accessories. tie at the back.