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Changing format

I’m going on practice 1/4 size. I totally like it, it is more convenient, more compact and requires less fabric :) I make outfits slower than for familiar SD size, because I haven’t got patterns and skills yet, so during mastering I will be a bit measured.

“White and blue” set for Souldoll Kid

I decided to redesign one SD corset for MSD size. It was very pleasing to deal with small details, connect them the most neat and beautiful way. I hope you will be pleased too.

Fits Souldoll Kid. In case of large breast it is a bit tight, and a bit free in case of small one.

The set consists of corset and two-layered circular skirt. Corset is made of two companion cottons of blue color with vintage roses pattern. Embroidered by silk ribbons and TOHO beads. Laced in the back by blue silk ribbon. Skirt is made of thin white cotton, decorated by silk ribbon at bottom and embroidered by silk ribbons.

Please, pay attention that cloak is NOT INCLUDED!

Shown by Souldoll Kid Aehael, normal skin, large breast.