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Dress and outfit for man

Dress for Iplehouse nYID and Iplehouse Man set. Idea is simple – express spring, her youth and bloom. More photos you could see in photoset (in my Russian blog).

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Two new corsets

As I said before, after completion Camelot project I decided to make few simple things. For instance, corsets :) Classic variant is not interest for me, I would like to try new shape and colors :) I think they worked out very well. First corset fits Iplehouse SID, second – Iplehouse nYID. Breast size doesn’t matter, because corsets are underbreast.

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Camelot project. Continuation

I would like to tell more about Camelot outfits and share additional photos. All three outfits are available for buying in my .Etsy store.


Camelot project

I started to work on the project since winter with mixed results and I finally have finished it! At now, it is the largest project (by image, by work amount and by time it needed) among of all my projects. I have some plans, but now I’ll rest and work on few simple things.

I’ll show each of outfits in details, but there is composition in a whole. Welcome, Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot!