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Pair vampire-styled outfits

I was inpired by musical “Dance of the Vampires”, but, as usual, I made some changes and additions 😀

Female outfit. Designed for Iplehouse FID original body with medium breast. Could fit large breast too, please contact me if you are interested. Scarlet colors. Includes:

* Corset made of single-colored American cotton, decorated by pleated ribbon, embroidered by TOHO and Guttermann beads which imitate drops of blood and roses of silk ribbon. A bit longer at back. Laced by silk ribbon into red and silver eyelets.
* Skirt – 3/4 of circular skirt made of artifical silk. Embroidered by TOHO and Guttermann beads in the same style as corset, and pleated ribbon of two colors – scarlet and wine.
* Underskirt made of scarlet rose net which creates shape of the skirt

Shown by Iplehouse FID Mari, original body, medium breast, glow peach gold skin.

Male outfit. As in the musical he wears black and red colors. It consists of many parts:
* Pants made of black cotton, closing at the back on small button.
* Frilled shirt made of black cotton. Lined. Closing in front on buttons. There are black Guttermann beads on sleeves.
* Vest made of black cotton. Lined. Luxuriously decorated black laces, black and red TOHO beads, closing in front on black Guttermann beads.
* Jacket made of black suede. Lined. Decorated by black laces, black and red TOHO and Guttermann beads, red rhinestones. Belt is imitated by black chain. Designed to wear without shirt, with shirt could be a bit tight. Recommended to detach hands from doll before putting it on and attach after.
* Black-red cloak. It is black outside and red inside. Made of artificial silk. Collar made of cotton to make it harder. Decorated by black metal accessories and rhinestone at neck. Closing on hook.

Shown by Iplehouse FID Lawrence, peach gold skin.

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Pair outfits for Iplehouse FID

Suddenly, but main size for me became 1/4. And it influences my sewing work. I love couples, so I have a lot of couple outfits ideas in my mind. And while my skull is not broken from inside I present outfits of that kind.

Woman dress were intended to be in historical style, but in process I changed my mind to “ethno” style. The result is fun, but harmonical combination. Cyan batiste, TOHO beads of 3 сolors according with fabric – at collar, bottom, belt and decoration over chest. Lacings in sides and sleeves, Closing in the back by snap buttons. Fits Iplehouse FID woman with medium breast size. Shown by Iplehouse FID Mari, glow peach gold skin, medium breast.

Man outfit styled in my favorite fantasy-historical style. 3 colors of cotton, decorated by 2mm silk ribbon, silver and dark blue cord, silfer decorations. Includes pants, vest, jacket, shoulder cape and black batiste scarf. Shown by Iplehouse FID Lawrence, peach gold skin.

EVENT! You could buy both outfits until 22th of September with 10% discount in my Etsy store!
Since 23th of September the outfits will be available separately without discount.


Chainmail outfit for Iplehouse nYID boy

Commission, sold out.

*Chainmail cape
*Red vest with gold lion
*Blue pants


Chainmail outfit for Iplehouse SID man

Commission, sold out.

*Red vest with gold lion
*Black vest with silver cross


White fantasy outfit for Iplehouse EID man

Commission, sold out.

*Fur cape
*Silver decorations


Fantasy jacket for SoulKid boy

Commission, sold out.


Changing format

I’m going on practice 1/4 size. I totally like it, it is more convenient, more compact and requires less fabric :) I make outfits slower than for familiar SD size, because I haven’t got patterns and skills yet, so during mastering I will be a bit measured.

“White and blue” set for Souldoll Kid

I decided to redesign one SD corset for MSD size. It was very pleasing to deal with small details, connect them the most neat and beautiful way. I hope you will be pleased too.

Fits Souldoll Kid. In case of large breast it is a bit tight, and a bit free in case of small one.

The set consists of corset and two-layered circular skirt. Corset is made of two companion cottons of blue color with vintage roses pattern. Embroidered by silk ribbons and TOHO beads. Laced in the back by blue silk ribbon. Skirt is made of thin white cotton, decorated by silk ribbon at bottom and embroidered by silk ribbons.

Please, pay attention that cloak is NOT INCLUDED!

Shown by Souldoll Kid Aehael, normal skin, large breast.


Some new things

Since Halloween is coming I post witches. But they are not ordinary witches. No black and orange, but green :)

Corset “Warm green witch”

The corset fits Iplehouse nYID girls with any breast size. Made of green cotton of warm tone with golden leaf pattern, decorated by golden eyelets in the back and golden metal decorations. Fully underwired. Laced by green silk ribbon in the back.

Shown by Iplehouse nYID Bianca, peach gold skin, medium breast.


New corsets

Vintage corset “Pink roses”

In this corset I would like to express scent of blossoming tender roses. To do that I used vintage tone colors.

The corset fits Iplehouse nYID girls with small, medium or large breast. Made of cotton of two pink tones – single-colored and flower patterned, decorated with pink eyelets (in the back), embroidered silk ribbons, TOHO beads and paper roses. Fully underwired. Laced by pink silk ribbon in the back.

Shown by Iplehouse nYID Bianca, peach gold skintone, medium breast.


Summer is here!

And I present three new corsets from summer collection :)

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