Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Long-expected holidays is coming and Christmas feeling is everywhere! Of course, I can’t stay out of it. Green New year’s trees, multicolored fairy lights, spheres, bow-knots, gifts… I tried to express all of it in Christmas and New Year corset collection. I were enjoying a lot while creating the collection and I hope very much you like it too :)

1. Chrismas angel. Corset reminds about frost laces in windows at Christmas night. I used two kinds of white-blue cottpon with incredible thin pattern. Underwired. Cotton is very beautiful itself, so I user a few of decoration – tiny silver TOHO beads which glows like sparks. Lacing in the back, I used silver eyelets and white silk ribbon.

Designed for Iplehouse nYID girls with medium breast, but it fits girls with small (a bit free) and large (a bit tight) breast too. Shown by Iplehouse nYID Bianca, peach gold skin, medium breast.

2. Older Santa’s elf. Bright, colorful and playful underbust corset. I used two kinds of cotton of green-red color and gold patterns. Underwired. Decorated by gold chain and silk ribbon. Lacing in the back, gold eyelets and wine-red silk ribbon.

It fits Iplehouse SID women, breast size doesn’t matter. Shown by Iplehouse SID Cherie, normal skin, small breast.

3. Santa’s elf. In this corset I would like to combine playfulness and elegancy. I used two kinds of cotton: wine-red with elegant silver pattern for central part and green with gold. Underwired. I decided not to decorate the corset additionally, because accossories would be excessive. Lacing in the back, silver eyelets and wine-red silk ribbon.

Designed for Iplehouse nYID girls with glamour breast, but it fits Iplehouse nYID girls with large breast (a bit free) and Iplehouse SID women with small breast. Shown by Iplehouse nYID Isis, peach gold skin, glamour breast.

Категория: Corsets, Fantasy
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