Dress and outfit for man

Dress for Iplehouse nYID and Iplehouse Man set. Idea is simple – express spring, her youth and bloom. More photos you could see in photoset (in my Russian blog).

Dress for Iplehouse nYID.

Bodice made of cotton and decorated by satin ribbons, TOHO beads and pearl beads. It fits Iplehouse nYID with medium or small breast size. Shown by Iplehouse nYID Bianca, medium breast. Lacing in the back and front across neck. Other part of the dress made of viscose cotton.

Iplehouse SID Man set

* Shirt made of cotton crinkle gauze, lacing on the chest is decoratory. Also it has small wrinkled collar. Sleeves are tied in the botton by silk ribbon.
* Jacket made of thin cotton, decorated by silver thread, solver TOHO beads and faceted beads.
* Panty made of the same fabric as jacket. There are yoke in the back and two pockets in the front.
* Two oversleeves made of the same fabric as jacket, decorated similar to jacket.


Категория: Casual, Corsets
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