Two new corsets

As I said before, after completion Camelot project I decided to make few simple things. For instance, corsets :) Classic variant is not interest for me, I would like to try new shape and colors :) I think they worked out very well. First corset fits Iplehouse SID, second – Iplehouse nYID. Breast size doesn’t matter, because corsets are underbreast.

Iplehouse SID corser. Shown by Iplehouse SID Harace.

Bottom line are lowered, because I was interested to try such variant. I’m glad, so I will try something similar in the future. :)

Underwired corset made of cotton with pattern. Laced in the back by silk ribbon. Decorated by silk ribbon, bias tape, Japanese beads and pearl beads of two colors.

Iplehouse nYID corset (probably it fits SOOM SuperGEM old body). Shown by Iplehouse nYID Emilia.

I think it is one of my the favoritest patterns :) In front bottom line of the corset is on waist level, in back it is much lower to emphasise beautiful shape of nYID hips. Double lacing in sides of silk ribbon. Lacing in the back is decoratory only. Decorated by bias tape, silk ribbons, Japanese beads and pearl beads of two colors.

Категория: Casual, Corsets
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